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 The Cottonwood Baptist Church was founded by a group of German immigrants moving to this  area to begin a new life in a new land.  The year was 1884, and the times were hard.  The new  settlers had many adversities to overcome, but their tenacious character, coupled with their  strong faith in God, allowed them to overcome many obstacles and become successful in their  endeavors.  As they worked the land and reared their families, they longed to have their own  organized church through which they could worship and serve the Lord. 



   On March 4, 1884, the birth of Cottonwood Baptist Church became an historical fact.  At first,  they did not have a building in which to meet for prayer and worship.  Therefore, they met in  different homes for prayer, edification, and the study of God's Word.  For three years, the church  continued to minister and evangelize.  In November, 1887, the church voted to build a church  building and raised $177.  It was not until August, 1888, that the congregation decided to build.  and in October of that year, the building was completed.  The church now had a building in  which they could meet.  A picture of the first building is not available, but the dimensions were 35'  x 22' x 12'.  As the church continued to grow, the original building became too small to  accommodate the crowds.  The second building was dedicated in July of 1900.  With additional  space, the church grew under the leadership of several pastors until the building was once again  to small.  

   On April 14, 1929, the third building was dedicated.  It was a beautiful red brick building  complete with a basement which was used for classes.  This building was destroyed by fire on  November 13, 1942, having served the congregation for only thirteen years.  With World War II in  full force, it was difficult to raise the needed funds or locate a competent contractor.  But, as  usual, God answered the prayers of the people and construction began on April 19, 1943.  With  dedicated labor from the congregation, construction was completed late in 1943.  The  Cottonwood Baptist Church continues to meet in what is known as the fourth building.

 With continued growth, the education and fellowship space became rather limited, so the  congregation voted to construct an 8,000 square foot multipurpose building.  In 2006, the  church borrowed $330,000 to finance the new edifice.  The loan was for eight years and in only  four years, on December 5, 2010, the church enjoyed a time of celebration and praise as the note  was retired.  This was another example of how the people of Cottonwood pull together and bring  to fulfillment the promises of the Lord.

   The future of Cottonwood depends on two factors:  God's will and our obedience.  Undoubtedly,  God had plans for this congregation in 1884, and because of the faithfulness of God's people, He  has richly blessed.  It is going to be exciting to see where the Lord leads in the coming years.  The  faces of the congregation change from year to year, but the character, commitment, and courage  of her members continue to be strong.  As new members continue to join, we shall always draw  from the influence of those who preceded us and followed God's leadership in founding what we  know and love today as Cottonwood Baptist Church.


   Cottonwood is grateful for our strong heritage which taught us to rely upon the Word of God as  our  guide for daily living and final authority in matters of doctrine and church polity.

   Cottonwood has remained strong in offering guidance for all ages by providing groups and  classes  for children, youth, and adults.

  • CBCY is our youth group consisting of grades 7-12. Our youth director plans different activities designed to lead the youth into spiritual growth.

  • Our Sunday School is designed with every age group in mind. Our teachers use the lessons to guide in spiritual growth.

  • Discipleship Training is a “cafeteria style” program consisting of theme study, Bible study, and how to develop a closer walk with God.

  • Our music program is exceptional. We have gifted and talented accompanists who are leaders in worship. Our choir presents gospel music on a regular basis that is outstanding and uplifting.

  • Our worship services are warm and inspiring, punctuated with glorious worshipful music and challenging messages by our pastor.

  • A nursery is provided for infants and toddlers, enabling you to enjoy a time of worship. A qualified worker will attend the little ones.



Pastor - Bro. Stephen Stanford

Youth Directors - Cody Cagle

Deacon Chairman - Mike Wedemeyer

Music Director - Mike Wedemeyer

Choir Director & Keyboard - Pending

Organist - Connie Wedemeyer

Pianist - Mari Wedemeyer

Guitarist - Randy Fewell

Children's Director - Janie Groth


  Sunday Activities:

  Sunday School – 9:00

  Morning Worship- 10:00

  Christian Training – Pending

  Evening Worship – Pending


  Wednesday Activities:

  Prayer Meeting and

  Youth Wow Service - 7:00



  890 FM 2643

  Lorena, Texas 76655


Cottonwood Baptist Church

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